Jim Harbaugh draws flag, needs to be calmed down by Anquan Boldin on sideline (GIF)

A typical scene on an NFL sideline, especially in big games at big moments, includes coaches calming down players who are losing their minds over a ruling on the field. A rarer scene is the reverse of that situation where you have a player calming down a coach, but then again not many coaches are Jim Harbaugh.

Late in the second quarter of the NFC Divisional Round, the San Francisco 49ers marched down the field and scored what looked to be a corner endzone touchdown from Colin Kaepernick to Vernon Davis. When the referee standing right in front of Davis called the catch an incompletion, it sent Harbaugh off, as he sprinted onto the field to throw a tantrum.

It turns out that he was right about the call being blown, but he grabbed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the process and had to be calmed down by Anquan Boldin.


This scene epitomizes the tone of the 49ers, as we’ve seen Boldin get into the grills of Panthers defenders all day, but was in a situation where his head coach was acting more outrageous than he was. That’s the way the Niners operate though, and so far it seems to be working alight for them.

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