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NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls say they're not rebuilding, just retooling

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After the Chicago Bulls traded Luol Deng to the Cleveland Cavaliers last week, the assumption was that they were going into a rebuild.

That’s not the case according to general manager Gar Forman who says the Bulls aren’t rebuilding but rather retooling:

“I’ve heard people say it’s a ­rebuild. It’s not a rebuild. I consider it more of a retooling.’’

Forman also reiterated that while the move allowed the team to dip out of the luxury-tax threshold so it can avoid the repeater tax, the organization has plans to go back over that threshold once it believes the roster is championship-ready.

“By getting out of the tax this year, it will give us the ability to go back into the tax in future years when we feel we have a team that’s capable or continuing to build towards that championship,’’ Forman said.

It may seem like semantics but Forman has a point. With the Bulls being able to amnesty Carlos Boozer and likely trade away another contract or two before February’s deadline, the Bulls will go into the 2014 offseason ripe with cash and likely one of the top free agent destinations.

Without Boozer on the payroll and another deal moved, the Bulls could be near the $40 million dollar cap range – even lower if they opt to move Taj Gibson or Joakim Noah.

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