Amir Johnson throws down nasty slam dunk (Video)

The Toronto Raptors were supposed to be tanking and they were supposed to be pawning off their stars to play for the future. But a funny thing happened after they traded Rudy Gay to the Sacramento Kings and they didn’t trade Kyle Lowry or DeMar DeRozan — the team got good.

Toronto is one of the nicer surprises in the Eastern Conference and ever since the Rudy Gay trade, the team has been playing much better as a unit.

That extends from their top tier players all the way down to the bottom, but no matter where he may sit at times with the team’s fans, Amir Johnson is lights out when he wants to be. We saw this on Monday night against the Milwaukee Bucks when he threw down a nasty jam.

Johnson was also subject of trade talks earlier, but the better the Raptors continue to play, the cozier their stars like Johnson are going to get where they currently are.

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