Man falls through ceiling in golf shop; everyone stays calm (Video)


If you have ever wondered what it would be like to come crashing through a ceiling, we wouldn’t recommend that you go out and try it. Instead, you can watch this video of a man at a golf shop, apparently named Ron, who comes crashing to the ground.

In a stunning turn of events, everyone in the shop plays it cool and no one panics as a man lays on the ground in a pile of rubble.

Instead, they pull out a cell phone, calmly take photos of the scene and wonder how in the hell a hole got in the roof. It is simply fantastic.

“Hey, Ron,” the first man says, after watching his friend fall through the roof.

“Hey, Billy. That hurt,” Captain Obvious states.

To make matters even more entertaining, a third man walks into the room and sees a man on his back with parts of the ceiling all around him and asks, “Why is there a hole in the roof?”

These may be the most calm men we have ever seen and we love it.

Hopefully Ron is not seriously injured, which we doubt after seeing him get up before laying back down in the exact spot where he fell.

You can watch a video of the incredible encounter below:

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