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Margot Robbie is a huge New York Rangers fan and amateur hockey player

Margot Robbie was just another Australian soap star last year but thanks to her breakout role in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, she shooting up the Hollywood A-list faster than Henrik Lundqvist deflects pucks. What does Henrik Lundqvist have to do with Margot Robbie? Nothing other than the fact that he’s the netminder for the Aussie star’s favorite sports team.

In a recent interview with, Robbie dives into her rise to fame in Australia, her move to the United States, her role in The Wolf of Wall Street and her apparent die-hard love of the New York Rangers and the game of hockey.

Per Film.Com:

Well I always wanted to play ice hockey back in Australia, I’m not sure why, but we didn’t have any ice where I lived. It was very hot, a coastal town. So I played field hockey, but then when I moved to America I was finally able to join a team once I wasn’t contracted to a show, but when I was contracted to a show I wasn’t able to play. But I was living in New York, so I was able to watch, and the Rangers were my default team…And not just by default, but also because they’re the best team ever.

The team she refers to as joining is an amateur hockey team she joined. So not only is she on the rise in Hollywood and one of the next A-list beauties, she’s a down and dirty Rangers fan who’s not afraid of a puck.

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