Mavs fan uses prosthetic leg to try and get a free t-shirt (Photo)

Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

You know when they give out free t-shirts at basketball games? And everyone basically loses their mind as they wave around their arms trying to get a free shirt that they’ll likely never wear. Grown adults fight and run over children to try and get these shirts. Even Beatles legend Paul McCartney isn’t above the basic human emotion of wanting free stuff, and tried his hardest to get a t-shirt at a NBA game this year.

Some fans will resort to any measure, like this Dallas Mavericks fan who used his prosthetic to try and get the attention of the shirt distributors. It looks like he has good seats, and normally those shirts are fired out of air cannons at the upper decks. I don’t know if he ever got one but it certainly is a creative way to try and get their attention.

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