NFL Mock Draft 2014: First-round picks and predictions

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The divisional round of the NFL Playoffs is now in the books, which means we are down to the final four teams in the league. That also means that there are 28 teams who are able to get an early jump on their offseason and preparation for the 2014 NFL Draft.

With picks No. 1 through No. 28 of the NFL Draft order currently set, we can begin to take a better look at the NFL Draft, as we continue to roll out our mock drafts with the latest predictions for how it could all play out.

What prospects could be on your favorite team’s radar?

Here is a look at the latest first-round projections:

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  • wachscraig



    • Gunnar Martin

      I’ve never understood why people forget to turn off their caps…

      • wachscraig

        Why should it matter ? your on here to read or comment on subject matter , not caps

        • wachscraig

          get over it ,

          • Gunnar Martin

            Hahaha I was just messin with ya dude. I think someone else needs to “get over it”.

  • Joe

    Do you really believe that Bortles is going number. He overrated and will be a bust and why would the Rams take Clowney when they have Long and Quinn. Your mock draft is terrible

    • Adam Banig

      I think he’s got Big Ben Roethlisberger potential. Bridgewater is good but not spectacular, Manziel reminds me of Flutie. Good qb, good leader but just too much of a free lancer to be a reliable franchise qb

    • Harry Langdof

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  • Derrick

    Gabe Jackson from Miss. State will go in the first round.

  • KneelB4KC

    KC takes TE at 23? Already have 3 on the roster and don’t pick again until round 3! I have to disagree and go WR here. Since Watkins, Lee, Evans gone on your board… How about Kelvin Benjamin, Florida State?

  • Paul Newbold

    Jets take TE Ebrons if available at 18. Yes the Jets need WR’s, but Ebron is an offensive weapon, and with a deep WR class, they can afford to wait until the second. With two thirds they can even bolster the receiver corp further if they choose to.

  • Jeffrey Beltran

    ANTHONY BARR WILL BE A RAIDER! There is to many good WR free agents for the raiders to not take a better player in the draft…

    • Jeffrey Beltran

      another thing.. WHERE IS Xavier Su’a-Filo?! He’s a first round pick easily! i think the Rams will take him with the 13th pick!

    • Frank Petrelli

      Please no, if Clowney is gone the best move for us is to trade back to the middle/end of round 1 and draft either DE Kony Ealy, G David Yankey, Martin (if he enters the draft as a G instead of a T), or Richardson. I watched a lot of UCLA games because I wanted to see how good Hundley is and Barr is a good LB, he looked like a monster against mediocre teams, he did absolutely nothing against VT, just not worth a top 5 pick.

  • Mike

    jets have to trade up for watkins (pipe dream) or lee.

  • Sinclair Phos

    Mock Drafts are a waste of time. Mock Drafts before free agency are a colossal waste of time. MoThis mock draft is like masturbating with a cheese grater, slightly amuzing but mostly painful. What a waste of your time to do and my time to read. I will never get this time back. Thanks a lot

  • Adam Banig

    The only thing I really disagree with is that the Rams will take Clowney. They have Quinn & Long.

    I think they should trade down, but could take Jake Matthews or Sammy Watkins instead.

  • joseph t

    I don’t understand why everyone thinks that the Cardinals will invest in tackle in the 1st round (even if its a 2nd-3rd round talent), honestly i think that the cards would not even think about drafting Richardson, Justin Gilbert or even someone like Dee Ford is a better choice at that point.

  • Remy

    Why would the Steelers take a DT first round? Big Ben has been begging for a wideout, they should be looking for a big target for Big Ben to throw too. That or a cornerback that they have desperately needed for years.