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Potential anchoring ban grace period for recreational golfers

E. Michael Johnson of Golf World is reporting PGA of America President Ted Bishop and PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem will ask the United States Golf Association (USGA) for an anchoring ban “grandfather period” for “recreational golfers.”  The request will be made at the USGA’s Annual Meeting on February 8th.



There is a lot of speculation about how the anchoring ban will affect both amateur and pro golfers alike.  If this report is true, then I believe it is a negotiating tactic to eventually get rid of the ban.

The anchoring ban is set to take place on January 1, 2016.  The USGA made the decision along with the Royal and Ancient Golf Club (R&A) because anchoring is not considered a “stroke.”  It fundamentally alters how you putt the golf ball, and it is considered an advantage for certain players.

The problem is many PGA Tour players anchor their putter, and may be out of a job once the ban takes place.  This is because putting is the most important aspect of golf, and if a player can no longer putt, they are finished.  In addition, the PGA of America wants the game to be as enjoyable as possible for amateur golfers (its client base), and the ban does nothing to help their cause.

Expect the situation to become very heated as the deadline nears.

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