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Jessica Lange in Episode 10 of "American Horror Story: Coven" entitled "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks." Photo Credit: FX

‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Winter Premiere Recap ‘The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks’

If there is anything that can be said about this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Coven, it is that they sure know how to come back with a bang. So many things have changed over the course of this one episode. It will be interesting to see how all the betrayal and backstabbing come together in the end. In any case, let’s take a closer look at this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Coven entitled “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks.

Coming to Terms

As you remember from the last episode, Marie’s tribe has been pretty much eliminated. Before everything went to pieces, Fiona tried to form an alliance with Marie Laveau, but she wanted no part of it; however, with everything she has ever known overturned, maybe an alliance isn’t such a bad thing after all.

She decided to give peace a chance and come to Fiona for help. However, she is having a difficult time showing her “weakness” to Fiona. Unfortunately, she has not been left with much of a choice. Thankfully, at least for the time being, Fiona has chosen not to take advantage of the situation.

Holding Up Her End of the Deal

While Marie is lying in bed trying to get some sleep, she is visited by a dark soul. She is visited by Papa Legba. Papa Legba is what you would call a voodoo satan. What does he want, you may ask? Well, it turns out that the reason Miss Laveau has been so well preserved over the years is because she sold her soul to Papa Legba. Now, he has come for what he is owed.

In his deal with Marie, he was promised an innocent soul each and every year. We all know that there are no innocents in that house. This means that Marie has to think outside of the box.

So in her moment of desperation she heads to the local hospital and heads straight for the maternity ward. When she is approached by one of the nurses, she uses some sort of dust to bend her to her will. The nurse immediately opens the door for her.

She picks the first baby that she comes across.

Once she is out of the hospital with the baby, she is quickly approached by two security guards who have their weapons drawn. She warns them more than once to leave her be. She tells them that she needs this baby. When they won’t just let her be, she bows her head. When she raises it, her eyes have turned to white and she lets out this banshee type wail.

Without hesitation, the two men turn to each other and shoot on another.

I think it is safe to say that any humanity that Marie has is pretty well gone. When the baby starts to cry, she tells it to be quiet or she will give it something to cry about. Nice, huh?

Coming Clean

Later the next day, Cordelia, Fiona, and Marie are all sitting in the kitchen. Cordelia blames herself for everything that has happened. Marie tells her that this is not all one her. After all, she is the one who hired him.

Both Fiona and Cordelia seem to be shocked to hear this; Fiona most of all. It is finally coming out that Hank’s involvement with Cordelia was no accident, and that he was a witch hunter from the very beginning. Marie says that the only reason the witches survived for so long was because Hank was a fool.

Fiona is furious. She marches across the room and slaps Cordelia so hard that she falls out of her chair. She tells her that not only was she blind, but that she was willfully blind to bring that kind of evil into their sacred home, all just to prove some sort of childish point.

Fiona tells Marie that there is no sense in dealing with the worker bees. She says that they need to go straight for the head. Oh, boy…this is going to be interesting.

Making Friends

Later on, Misty is in her room dancing in front of the mirror. When Fiona walks in, Misty is taken aback. She tells her not to bother because she is not going to fall for her tricks. She tells Fiona that she has invoked the white spirit to protect her, and that even if she does manage to kill her, she has already made preparations to bring herself back.

Fiona just laughs it off. She doesn’t seem to understand why she thinks that she would want to kill her.

As they head down the stairs together, Fiona starts to tell her about the wonders of the supremacy and how she will have the world at her feet. Fiona tells her that she was talking to an old friend of hers and that she practically begged to come and have a sitdown with her.

As soon as Misty realizes that this friend of Fiona’s is actually Stevie Nicks, she falls to the floor. Both Fiona and Stevie have a shirt laugh over the whole thing.

They retire into the other room, and Stevie sits at the piano. Everyone listens as she sings Rhiannon. While all of this is going on, Nan, Madison, and Zoe come back home, joining the rest of them in around the piano.

Madison is really bitter that she is not the center of attention here. She swears that it is her who will be the next Supreme, and that there is nothing anyone else can do about it.

When the song is over, Stevie gives her shawl to Misty and wishes her luck with the seven wonders. Misty is absolutely in awe to be in Stevie Nicks’ presence.


Madison is really not coming to terms with this well at all. She is certain that she is the next Supreme and doesn’t understand why Misty is getting all the attention.

Nan still believes that she could be the next Supreme of the Coven. When Madison calls BS on the matter, Nan shows her just how BS it really is. Nan tells Madison that she can control people’s minds. In order to illustrate her point, she forces Madison to put down her cigarette. Then, she orders her to put it in her vagina. Before Madison can do that, Zoe puts a stop to it, telling both of them to cut it out.

Zoe also tells Madison that she can’t be the Supreme because she has a heart murmur. Madison tells them that her little trip to the afterlife cleared that up for her. Once they realize that she is not lying, she tells them to schedule the seven wonders, and we’ll just see who the next Supreme is.


Cordelia comes to Fiona and Marie. Apparently, she has information for them. She explains to them that Hank’s father is the head of a multi-million dollar company named the Delphi Trust. His name is Harrison Renard.

Apparently, the family used to be carpenters all the way back to the days of Salem. Now, it has grown into this huge multi-million dollar organization.

Fiona has determined that the only way to cut them off is to cut off their money.

Cordelia tells them that she wants to help, but Fiona is adamant that she will have nothing to do with any of this. She tells Cordelia that she is tainted and worthless, demanding that she get out of her sight.

At the same time, Fiona and Marie set up a spell that will greatly affect Harrison’s money flow. In fact, it sparks a massive investigation into their operation, resulting in at least a 50% loss in the value of their company. Harrison knows in his heart that this is not natural. He says that it is time for them to deal with the witches once and for all.

During the spell, Fiona collapses.

The Ugly Truth

Later on, Zoe and Nan head to the hospital to see Luke. For obvious reasons, this does not end well. When they get to the nurses’ station, Nan realizes that there is something wrong, as she cannot hear Luke. She begins to cry as soon as the nurse pulls up Luke’s name on the computer.

She tells the nurse that she would like to see Luke’s body. Unfortunately, the mortuary has already come to pick up the body.

Zoe and Nan decide that they are going to go see Luke’s mother to find out where she is keeping the body. This way, they can track him down and have Misty bring him back to life.

They sit down with Joan and have polite conversation with her. Almost immediately, Nan cuts to the chase and asks where Luke’s body is. Zoe steps in and says that what they are really asking is when his service is going to be.

Joan tells them that they will be having a small service at their church, but that Luke is in the house right now. She tells them she had Luke cremated.

Nan is absolutely furious. Immediately, she knows exactly what happened with the pillow.

Nan uses her newfound power to force Joan to her knees. She rushes over to the cabinet and pulls out a bottle of bleach. Zoe tries to take the bottle from her, demanding she stop; however, Nan snatches the bottle and sends Zoe flying across the room. She says that Joan has to pay for what she did.

She uses her powers to force Joan to drink he entire bottle of bleach. She tells her that she needs to be cleansed. This is such an ugly way to go.

Cleansing the Soul

Back at the house, Marie has helped Fiona off of the floor and into a better position. She is performing a ritual on the room that will help cleanse the spirits from there. When Fiona asks Marie what the hideous smell is, Marie tells her that it is rattle viper sperm and will cleanse the spirit.

Fiona explains to her that it is not some dark spirit that is doing this to her, but the emergence of the new Supreme. Marie tells her that she isn’t ready to say goodbye to her just yet and that they still have work to do.

Fiona continues to prod her for the secret to her immortality. She tells her that she must know the secret, as she gave it to Delphine. Marie tells her that what she gave to Delphine would not help Fiona, as she would remain in the condition that she is now.

Fiona asks her who gave the ability to her. Marie tells her that she doesn’t want to know the answer to that. After some more prodding, Marie tells her that she sold her soul to Papa Legba. Fiona is surprised that he just appeared to her.

She explains to Fiona of how she came to her deal with Papa Legba, and the pain the consequences causes her. Marie tells Fiona that if she wants him bad enough, that he will hear her.

Behind the Mask

Madison takes Misty out to “get to know her better.” Of course, we all know that Madison never does anything unless there is something in it for her.

Madison is trying to convince Misty that Fiona and Stevie were just using her so that they can call upon her later when they need something. She tells her that she is not her own witch, but that she is a shadow of another witch.

Misty tells her that she knows what she is trying to do. She tells Madison that she is trying to make her doubt herself, and that she is not stupid.

The two of them continue the funeral march that they joined until they finally entered the cemetery. Misty makes the two men who are preparing to put the casket into the tomb freeze in place while the two girls talk. Madison tells her that she has powers of her own, powers that are comparable to hers. Misty tells her to prove it.

Suddenly, the casket opens and the dead man wakes up, sits up, and walks out of the casket.

Madison tells her that she doesn’t need her and that she just wants to be her friend. Madison still tries to convince her that everyone is using her, and that she needs to give life to herself, the one true Misty Day. Madison tells her to throw the shawl in the casket,

She is hesitant at first, but as she goes to put the shawl in the casket, Madison hit her in the head with a brick. Misty falls into the open casket, and Madison closes the lid. Without hesitation, she frees the two cemetery workers and walks away, leaving them to place Misty’s body in the crypt to be locked away forever.

With that, she takes Misty’s shawl and dances away.

The Pity Party

Down in the greenhouse, Cordelia is feeling sorry for herself. Myrtle is playing this odd instrument that is making an interesting type of music. Cordelia tells her to stop that it is weird.

Myrtle tells Cordelia not to be a hater, and that it soothes the soul. Cordelia says that there is nothing that can soothe her soul, and that she has nothing to offer the Coven anymore.

Myrtle tries to inspire her, and tell her things she can do to occupy herself. She tells her that one never knows what the world has in store for them.

Cordelia has quite the little breakdown and starts breaking everything in the room. Myrtle knows when there is no talking to someone. She goes back to her instrument and begins to play once again.

The Summoning

Fiona is desperate to gain what it is that she desires. She cuts some cocaine on a mirror and calls for Papa Legba to come. Slowly, we see his shadow forming on the walls and the roof. He compliments her for buying the “good stuff.”

She tells him what it is that she desires. In exchange, Papa tells her that he wants her soul. In exchange he will give her freedom from death. Fiona says that she also wants freedom from aging, no decrepitude, nothing. Also, she must provide him with services, one night a year with no refusal.

Papa Legba comes in to seal the deal; however, there is one tiny problem. Fiona has no soul to sell. Papa Legba disappears.

Fiona decides that since she has no soul, she will just kill them all. This way she will be sure to get the one she needs to dispose of.

The Strange Noise in the Closet

Back at the house now, Nan hears something coming from another room. In a cabinet, she finds the baby that Marie had stolen. She picks it up, and the baby begins to cry. This is the exact moment that Marie walks into the room.

Marie demands that she gives the baby back. Nan tells her that she is the next Supreme, and that she just killed the neighbor, and that she will kill her.

Fiona joins the conversation and demands to know what is going on. Marie tells Fiona that supposedly Nan is the next Supreme and that she killed Joan.

Fiona orders that Nan give Marie back the baby, or she will make her do it. She then orders Nan to leave. Nan tells her that they have blood on their hands.

Fiona asks where the baby came from. Marie tells her that it is for Papa.

In an attempt to “kill two birds with one stone” they drown Nan in the bathtub. Papa Legba tells them that he was clear, and that there were no substitutions. Fiona tells him that she is an innocent. Well, she did kill the neighbor lady, but according to Fiona, she had it coming.

Papa decides to take them up on their contribution, and he takes Nan with him. On their way out, Nan tells them that anywhere is better than there with them.

Tonight was definitely an interesting ride. In one single night, we lost three people; Misty, Joan, and Nan. The numbers continue to lessen. Eventually, there will be no Coven to protect; especially when everyone is backstabbing everyone else. The Coven is supposed to be about protecting each other. This is something this Coven clearly lacks.

Things are going to get intense now. Once the secret is revealed that Nan was murdered, surely the girls are going to come for Marie and Fiona; however, this may be exactly what they desire.

Here is a look at the next all-new episode of American Horror Story: Coven entitled “Protect the Coven.”


Make sure to check back with us on Wednesday as we take a look at the next all-new episode of American Horror Story: Coven entitled “Protect the Coven.”

American Horror Story: Coven airs on Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

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