American Horror Story season 4: Is 'Circus' trailer real?


Fans of the FX hit show American Horror Story have eagerly been waiting to hear new rumors and word about the upcoming season of the show. Since American Horror Story was renewed for another season, the season four anticipation has left people scouring the web for answers.

Now, we finally have something.

According to a video promo and poster that have surfaced online, it appears that season four of the show could be dubbed American Horror Story: Circus.

The alleged teaser trailer was posted to Horrorbid.

Whether or not the “Circus” rumors and promotions are legitimate remain to be seen, but they are certainly interesting at the very least. If the promos are correct, the show will premiere in October of 2014.

The shows creator, Ryan Murphy, has previously stated his love for Tod Browning’s Freaks, so that could certainly serve as the inspiration behind this season.

If one thing is for certain, it is that clowns can be freaky and a circus sideshow could prove to be one of the most chilling seasons of the series to date.

You can check out the video of the American Horror Story: Circus promo below:

In addition to the video, you can see additional promo posters below:


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