Blind basketball player makes shot (Video)


Every now and then, we come across a very special moment that remind us all why we love watching athletic competition. The latest moment comes from an eight grader, Alek Wolfe, at Saint Albans City School.

Wolfe has competed on the school’s track team and is the manager of the basketball team, but he was always hoping that he would get to take the court for his team. Unfortunately, Wolfe’s chances didn’t seem too likely, because he is blind.

However, late last week, Wolfe got the opportunity to suit up and play for his team.

To make the moment even more special for Wolfe, his teammates and the opposing players allowed him to take three shots at the hoops. The first attempt rimmed out, while the second shot come up short. But as they say, the third time is a charm.

Wolfe’s third shot was successful and everyone in the gym went crazy to applaud his accomplishment.

Alex Wolfe and the Saint Albans City School boy’s basketball team has two games remaining, so he may have another shot at a chance of glory.

You can watch the shot and incredible response from the crowd and players below:

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