Breaking Bad blue colored meth being made and sold in New Mexico


Courtesy: AMC

We’ve heard of life imitating art when it comes to pop culture phenomenons but the latest case of that has taken a dark, twisted and very illegal turn. Following the smashing success of the Emmy and Golden Globe award winning AMC series Breaking Bad, which was set in New Mexico, ABC News is reporting that the show’s trademark ‘Blue Meth’ is actually being produced and sold around parts of New Mexico.

The federal government is looking into the illegal drug trade of actual blue colored meth that is being sold around the four corners section of New Mexico.

Reality in the illegal drug world is mimicking fiction. Kevin Abar, assistant special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations in New Mexico, says distributors are selling methamphetamine tinted blue in the Four Corners region.

There’s also a pretty significant difference between the meth on Breaking Bad and the real world meth imitating it. On the show, the blue hue of Walter White’s meth was meant to show how pure it was, but the meth being sold in real life is just dyed blue and is apparently making people even sicker than they are from the normal effects of the drug.

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