Nov 23, 2013; College Park, MD, USA; The ACC league symbol is on top of the yard marker for Maryland Terrapins

Maryland files $157 million countersuit against ACC

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Man, Maryland breaking up with the ACC is turning into something straight out of a soap opera.

As The Washington Post reported earlier today, the University of Maryland has filed a countersuit against the ACC claiming the conference breached its own constitution by increasing the exit fee schools are required to pay to $52 million. Maryland is also claiming representatives from both Wake Forest and Pittsburgh were involved in trying to persuade two Big Ten universities to join the ACC. (Due to legal reasons, the names of the two Big Ten universities involved have not yet been revealed, but the counterclaim did indicate the universities were not west of the Mississippi River.)

Oh, and that’s not all. Maryland also alleges that the ACC withheld NCAA money that rightfully belonged to the Terrapins.

The total amount being sought in damages by Maryland — $156,799,026 to be exact — represents “three times the amount of compensatory damages for the ACC’s violations of the Maryland Antitrust laws.”

If you have a craving for legalese, you can read the entire claim here.

[Source: The Washington Post]

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