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Seattle Mariners still have big moves left?

The Seattle Mariners started their off-season off with a bang when they landed Robinson Cano for 10 years and over $200 million. They followed that up with some supplemental moves, adding Corey Hart and Logan Morrison, but they insisted when they got Cano that they were not done making big moves.

David Schoenfield of ESPN writes the following about the rest of the off-season for the Mariners:

The Mariners are undoubtedly in on Tanaka but if they don’t get him, another starting pitcher has to be a priority. And don’t be surprised if Morales ends up back in Seattle.”

Kendrys Morales is certainly a candidate to return to Seattle, as his market appears to be non-existent other than people connecting the dots between him and the Baltimore Orioles. As for starting pitchers, recent reports would have the Mariners, along with any team other than the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers, out on Masahiro Tanaka.

Would they pony up the money for Ubaldo Jimenez? Will they end up being the only landing spot for Ervin Santana? The team’s needs are one thing, but “splashy” moves are another.

And if the Mariners are set on one more splash, it will have to come with the signing of a starting pitcher.

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