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You can design Victoria Mitchell's tattoo for the 2016 Rio de Janiero Olympics (for $30,000)

If you’re an aspiring tattoo artists with $30,000 to spend and a desire to have your work shown on an international scale, you need to get in touch with Australian steeplechase competitor Victoria Mitchell ASAP.

Mitchell, who participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics but missed out on being invited to the 2012 London Games, is currently raising money to help pay for her training. Here’s her story:

In March 2009, following the Beijing Olympics I had plantar fascia surgery (which I am still paying off!) and after months of rehab I started to regain my fitness only to be plagued with a bout of injuries, destroying the following 18 months. In a bid to make it back for London Olympics in 2012 I had a good year of training and was nearly back at my best. Unfortunately in a strange turn of events, I was an agonising 3 seconds short of the time I needed to be on the team for London after doing a solo time trial on the Gold Coast.


Since then I have refocused on Rio Olympics 2016 and moved interstate to start afresh in Sydney with Sean William’s running group (SWEAT). I have won numerous fun runs, done my first half marathon and am fitter than ever leading into this track season. I have a tremendous support network around me and the support of Damien Kelly Fitness Studio but no financial backing. This impacts opportunities for example I couldn’t afford to go to Europe last season to qualify for the World Championships in Moscow and so I stayed at home (Star Stadium).

While there are plenty of cool prizes for smaller donations, $30,000 earns you the change to both choose Mitchell’s hair color for the Rio Olympics and design a tattoo that she’ll have on her ankle. Mitchell stipulates that tattoo can be no bigger than roughly half the size of your standard business card, which makes me think a replica of Timothy Bryce’s business card would be the ultimate way to go.

(So, uh, can anyone loan by $30,000?)

[Source: Star Stadium]

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