London Mayor says 'no more public money spent on converting Olympic Stadium' into soccer stadium

London Mayor Boris Johnson announced last week that the cost of converting the Olympic Stadium into a soccer stadium will cost £154 million. Taxpayers would get the bill for most of that, but Johnson says “no more public money” will be spent on it.

“With the cash we are putting in now we will be able to deliver a solution for the stadium that gives Premier League football in the winter, athletics in the summer plus a whole load of other things,” Johnson said speaking to the London Assembly, via Sky Sports.

“This is a knockout, iconic venue for London and thanks to the deal we have done once this capital investment is made there will be no further charge to the public purse, indeed I believe we may even make a turn on it.

“That again is very, very different from any other Olympic city, most of whom have had real difficulties with their stadiums.”

Premier League side West Ham United will move into the stadium in 2016.

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