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Mike Trout posts video of himself in which he jumps really high (Video)

Los Angeles Angels’ outfielder Mike Trout noted that there are only 42 days until Spring Training on his Instagram account today.

So what is he doing to get ready? He’s jumping high. Really high.

Check out this video, which Trout posted on his Instragram page, of him doing a box jump onto something that’s almost as tall as he is:

Yea, but does he look fat?

Before the jump, Trout appears to say something to his buddies along the lines of, “If I kick it…” and then says he’ll “catch himself.” He then makes sure that his camera man is ready and performs the ridiculously athletic feat. It’s not clear if Trout has jumped this high before or if he was trying for the first time.

It clearly was all for show, however, so that people like me and the 9,038 people who liked the video on Instragram could oogle at how athletic he is and long for the days when we can watch him play baseball again.

This is just another chance to be in awe of something a professional athlete can do. I can barely jump high enough to reach things on the top of my refrigerator. To get us by until Spring Training arrives, let’s hope Trout posts more videos like this one.

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