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MLB Free Agency: Ubaldo Jimenez still wants four years, at least $60 million

One guy who is rooting hard for Masahiro Tanaka to sign for a pile of money somewhere is free agent Ubaldo Jimenez. Despite the fact that no teams are interested and he will cost a team a compensatory draft pick, Jimenez is holding strong in his demands for a new deal.

Tracy Ringolsby of MLB.com writes the following tonight regarding Jimenez:

Jimenez has indicated that he’s still after a four-year contract, seeking a deal in excess of $60 million. The Indians would like to bring him back, but not at those years and dollars. Most likely, Jimenez will remain in limbo until the Masahiro Tanaka situation is settled. The idea would be to get teams that lose out on Tanaka interested, and then try to get them bidding against each other.”

Pending a post-Tanaka panic by a team like the Seattle Mariners or the Toronto Blue Jays, Jimenez will have to come down off those demands eventually. Besides bad timing in terms of the off-season he hit the market, Jimenez has to convince teams that he is the 3.43 FIP pitcher of 2013 and not the 5.06 FIP pitcher of 2012.

That unsteadiness makes him a risk, and probably one that no team will want to take on a four-year deal for that kind of cheddar.

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