NFL Mock Draft 2014: Latest first-round projections

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NFL Draft season is about to kick off into full swing, which means we will be bringing you mock drafts at a rapid rate right here on The mock drafts do not reflect our positional rankings, but they are meant to give everyone an idea of what direction their favorite team could go with their first-round pick.

With picks No. 1 through No. 28 of the NFL Draft order currently set, we have a good idea where each team will be selecting — barring any trades — so we can more accurately project how the first round could play out.

What prospects could be on your favorite team’s radar?

Here is a look at the latest first-round projections:

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  • Thomas Eric

    If Johnny football goes to Cleveland then I don’t think his career will go well

  • Pridenpoise

    Barr is to high at 5 and the Raiders will not take him at the position.

  • Johnny

    Don’t think Miami will take a LBer at 19.. That’s crazy!!! If they get that LT in FA, they’d probably go with OG Yankey, the best G in the draft… Strong and Athletic, perfect fit to the O scheme… Not a sexy pick, but necessary… Don’t have the luxury to go LBer… If anything other then OLine, it would be a DT or top TE… But OLine will be addressed in FA and this draft big time!!! We only have a Center (Pouncy), with LT,LG,RG, and RT to address…

  • Eric Kench

    The Raiders won’t be drafting a linebacker now that Sio Moore has made the All-Rookie Team. Moore did not have that many tackles but he did have 4.5 sacks. Still had a tendency to disappear during games.

  • billy

    why would Dix be around at pick 21…cant see that happening..

  • Letterman007

    It will depend on the coach and system the Browns have! They have 5 pro bowl players, as many as Seattle and the 49ers have and four are on offense!! They are building a good team if they can get a good coach?!

  • chas territo

    The Bills from all projected lists have them taking Mack, not Barr. Maybe it’s because Barr has only 2 years experience whereas Mack has 4 years in at LB?? So, this mock is just that a mock on the fans!?!? GO BILLS!!

  • Chris Schroeder

    Why would Jacksonville draft a defensive end when they need a quarterback. Don’t you think Jacksonville would go after Johnny football or Carr? The Raiders should get Clowney if he’s still on the board, or Manziel.

  • Michael J. Eastman

    The Texans aren’t taking a skinny Teddy Bridgewater, who will be injury-prone in the NFL, just like RGIII is! The texans are taking Clowney, the best player in the draft!

  • sld1321

    trade second round pick to washington for kirk cousin….take sammy watkins at 4 and carlos hyde at 23.

  • Daniel Lamarche

    Who ever made up this draft is an idiot. Rams picking a lb at 13? That would be idiotic. Rams need a safety or another corner much more than they need a lb who’ll only play 2/3 of the downs. Mr Sanchez do you actually follow the Rams or the nfl? Rams used a 1st last year to get Ogletree. I guarantee they won”t be using another one this year.