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Report: MLB "very close" to agreement with MLBPA on expanded replay

Following a report about the “neighborhood play” and expanded replay, Jon Morosi of Fox Sports now reports that an MLB agreement on the new system is “very close.”

The system proposed last month including the following provisions:

  • Managers get one challenge per game. If their first is successful, they are granted another challenge. If not, they are out for the rest of the game
  • After the 7th inning all plays will be subject to review by the umpires
  • Calls will be reviewed by an umpire working out of a central location
  • Teams can have a coach or other employee stationed in dugout to watch replays and advise managers about what to do

The final version of the agreement will certainly include tweaks and further details (i.e the neighborhood play), but it should mostly fall in line with that summary.

Is this likely to speed up games? Probably not, and certainly not right away. But will they get more calls right? That’s what matters, and at the very least they should get more of them right with this system.

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