August 4, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; John Moraga celebrates after defeating Ulysses Gomez in the first round during the flyweight match at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

UFC Fight Night 35 results: John Moraga edges Dustin Ortiz in controversial decision

August 4, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; John Moraga fights Ulysses Gomez during the flyweight match at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

After a dominant performance from Cole Miller in the first fight of the main card, flyweight contenders John Moraga and Dustin Ortiz had plenty to live up to. The winner of this fight would be right in the mix at the top of the 125-pound division, so there was plenty on the line when the two men entered the cage.

Round 1: Dustin Ortiz started out the fight as the more active fighter as he began working Moraga up against the cage. Ortiz landed the takedown and began to work from inside of Moraga’s guard, but Moraga was able to control Ortiz’s posture. Ortiz was able to stay active on the ground despite doing much damage, but he was doing enough to avoid the stand up. Moraga began working for a triange late in the round, but Ortiz was able to avoid the submission. Scorecard: 10-9, Ortiz.

Round 2: Moraga came out with a little more pop in his step in the second, as he began to open up his attack on the feet. Moraga was able to take advantage of a trip from Ortiz, but Ortiz was able to come out with the favorable position. As Ortiz worked to switch the position, Moraga used slick ground work to jump on Ortiz’s back and work for a rear-naked choke. Ortiz made it out alive, but Moraga would not give up on the attack. Ortiz eventually was successful with a reversal and landed in side control. Ortiz began working for a guillotine, but he left an opening for Moraga to get back to his feet.

As soon as the fight went back to the feet, Moraga landed a beautiful two-punch combo. Ortiz shot for the takedown and attempted to take Moraga’s back, but Moraga stayed active and fought off the attempt. Scorecard: 10-9, Moraga.

Round 3:  The fight was even on our fight card entering the final round and both men were looking like they were going for the finish. Ortiz started out with a shot, but Moraga executed a perfect sprawl to thwart the takedown attempt. Moraga narrowy missed a wild head kick, but hit a counter after Ortiz came moving in. Moraga had his rhythm in the stand up game and was beginning to pick Ortiz apart by mixing up his punches and kicks. Ortiz caught a leg kick and hit a huge counter before landing a takedown. Ortiz was in half guard, but Moraga was working for a kimura attempt. Ortiz pulled out and shifted to side control, but Moraga quickly recovered full guard.

Moraga got back to his feet with just one minute to go. Ortiz was able to control Moraga against the cage and throw knee’s to Moraga’s legs and he eventually landed a takedown right before the bell as Moraga threw in a half-hearted guillotine attempt. Scorecard: 10-9

FanSided Scorecard: 29-28, Ortiz

Official Result: John Moraga def. Dustin Ortiz via spit-decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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