Critics Choice Awards 2014: 12 Years A Slave wins Best Picture (Video)

This year has one of the most competitive Best Actor categories in years, and that’s something that is taking away from an epic two horse race to Oscar gold in Best Picture. While American Hustle remains the darling of critics everywhere, 12 Years A Slave continues to match it blow-for-blow.

The latest example of this was the two films picking up Best Picture awards at the Critics Choice Awards which makes it even harder to determine which film is the frontrunner to win the Oscar. So far, the two films have clashed in award shows where they were in separate categories, muddying the waters in a way.

But when the Oscars come, they’ll be battling gladiator style in the same category and only one will emerge. The ultimate wild card would be a film like The Wolf of Wall Street winning Best Picture, thus robbing us from finding out which film would win an Oscar when he two are placed in the same category.

That likely won’t happen, and this back and forth sparring will culminate in an epic battle at the Oscars.

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