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NBA All-Star jerseys confirmed by adidas

Earlier on Thursday morning, images of the NBA All-Star jerseys were leaked and posted all over the internet. To say the images we were a mess is to aggressively understate things as the sleeved jerseys brought back nightmares of the atrocities that were worn by teams during the games that day.

But much to the chagrin of fans around the NBA, adidas has confirmed that the gross jerseys we saw this morning are indeed what will be worn at the All-Star Game this year.

There jerseys were actually supposed to be revealed by adidas at a later date, but because the images that were leaked this morning were legitimate, adidas just pushed the unveiling up to now. While it sort of rains on the parade they might have wanted to throw for the unveiling, they likely saved a lot of time and money by just showing everyone a hi-res photo of the nasty jerseys.

Ugly doesn’t begin to describe what seems to be a waste of cloth and polyester and whatever else the jerseys are made out of. Playing the game ‘shirts vs. skins’ style would have been a better look than wearing these eye sores, but this is what you get when the NBA gets a fetish for sleeved jerseys.

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