Photo Credit: DC Comics/Warner Bros.

Batman vs. Superman delayed until 2016


After hearing the announcement of a Batman vs. Superman movie at Comic-Con this past year, fans of the DC comic world were beside themselves with joy. Finally, in 2015, we’d be able to see the two biggest superheroes in the history of superheroes meet on the big screen.

Turns out the wait will be a little longer than expected. According to Variety as well as The Hollywood ReporterBatman vs. Superman has been delayed 10 months and won’t be hitting theaters until 2016.

No specific reason was given for the delay, but the movie will now hit theaters on May 6, 2016. Previously, the film was expected in July 17, 2015 with filming beginning shortly. The movie had even begun filming some sequences with scenes shot at a Los Angeles college football game in late 2013.

It’s possible that story problems arose, but fans will immediately jump to the conclusion that this means a Justice League movie is happening. Given the near full year delay, this is now something that is entirely possible. Either way, fans holding out for the jam packed summer movie season of 2015 have just watched one of the biggest films of the year leave the party and check in at a table located in the 2016 summer movie section.

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