Jan 10, 2014; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Miami Heat small forward LeBron James (6) invites a taunting fan to take a seat next to him during the second overtime against the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center. The Brooklyn Nets won the game 104-95 in double overtime. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Sixers fan thinks LeBron James plays for the 76ers (GIF)

The Miami Heat in Philadelphia to battle the 76ers on Friday night and that has brought some wacky and classic LeBron James jerseys. No,  literally there’s a wacky classic LeBron James jersey sitting court side at the Heat-Sixers game tonight.

Camera caught a random fan — who will remain nameless as to not shame his innocent family — wearing what seemed to be a harmless Sixers jersey with the number 23 on it. To the unsuspecting fan, this looks like a Jason Richardson jersey, as he wears that number for the Sixers.

But then the fan turns around and unveils what is on the back — “The King”.


Either this man has had too much to drink and thinks Jason Richardson is “The King”, or he made a custom LeBron James jersey with a number he no longer wears for a team he’ll never play for.

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  • Anonymous

    Mike Berkowitz

    • Mike B

      Lebron also won’t go to the West because it’s about
      100 times harder to get to the NBA Finals through the West than it is through
      the East (comprised of Indiana and everyone else).

  • DnY

    Ever consider that, like a few fans have done for a number of teams this season, he was saying the Sixers should sign LeBron this offseason by wearing his potential jersey for next season? I’ve seen fans of the Bucks, Raptors, and obviously the Cavs, and now a fan of the Sixers do it.

    I strongly doubt a man going to a game of a team he supports enough to buy a custom jersey for would be so silly.

    • Mike B

      Agreed! This fan wore a Red Sixers 23 “The King” Jersey to recruit Lebron James to play for the Philadelphia Sixers come next season!

    • Mike B

      He WILL NOT RETURN to Miami after Indiana decisively
      beats Miami in the playoffs this season.

    • Mike B

      Lebron isn’t returning to Cleveland now that Cleveland
      traded for Deng, and Cleveland is making Deng the future at their 3 position
      (Cleveland also doesn’t have the cap space).

    • Mike B

      The Sixers next year will have a projected starting lineup
      consisting of PG: MCW; SG: Marcus Smart; SF: James Young; PF: Noel/Julius
      Randle; C: Embiid/Noel.

      • Mike B

        Why wouldn’t Lebron want to join that group of 6 amazing talented
        young players and be the “glue?” He’d be crazy not too!

  • Mike B

    If Lebron comes to Philadelphia, he would wear #23 because Dr. J’s #6 is
    retired and Iverson’s #3 will be retired 3/1/14. Leaves #23 as the only number
    of those 3 available.