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Sochi Olympics 2014: Russian president Vladimir Putin doesn’t want gay people near children

Russian president Vladmir Putin wants all gay people to know that while they’re more than welcome in the country for the Winter Games, they had better keep their shenanigans away from the children!

All joking aside, Putin did speak about gays and lesbians being in attendance in his city for the events, and he had an interesting way of explaining how public displays of their relations will be handled.

Basically, he’s not going to send in Ivan Drago to rip you off the street by your neck if you and your partner are openly displaying your life choice, but if you take it anywhere near the children, then there may be some consequences to face.

“We are not forbidding anything and nobody is being grabbed off the street, and there is no punishment for such kinds of relations,” said Putin. “You can feel relaxed and calm , but leave children alone please,” said Putin.”

Yes, Mr. Putin, because if you notice here in the United States, we have a serious problem with all of the gay and lesbian folks running around infecting the children on the streets.

This man is allowed to run a country, and has for three terms now since the year 2000. Please, be my guest and take a moment to let that sink in.

[h/t Deadspin]

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