The Bella Twins

WWE's The Bella Twins make a second appearance on NFL AM

The Superstars of the WWE and players of the NFL know what it feels like to take hard hits whenever they go to work. The jobs are almost similar. WWE Superstars show up in front of thousands of fans almost every night, football players show up to play in front of thousands of fans on game day.

Yeah professional wrestling may be scripted, but some of the bumps or hits they take can be real. Nothing is fool proof and there has been a lot of on screen injuries in professional wrestling history to prove it. So it’s no wonder that most professional football players become fans of the WWE.

I think almost every professional wrestler has a favorite football team. There can be a couple in the locker room who don’t watch sports at all, but football rules the locker room. Some of these professional athletes become really good friends and hang out away from their jobs.

We’ve seen guys like John Cena appear on SportsNation or SportsCenter to talk about football or just sports in general. His girlfriend Nikki Bella happens to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Actually both Bella twins are Philadelphia Eagles fans.

They appeared on NFL AM at the beginning of the season and discussed some football with the hosts of the show. They recently made a second appearance to talk about the Eagles season and who they like in the AFC/NFC Championship games.

It’s pretty awesome when females are able to talk about sports, mainly football. John Cena and Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) are two lucky men.

To check out the video, feel free to click here.

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