Frances Conroy as Myrtle Snow in Episode 11 of "American Horror Story: Coven" entitled "Protect the Coven." Photo Credit: FX

‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Episode 11 Recap ‘Protect the Coven’

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This week, everything that has been building all season long is coming to a head. Old rivalries will be settled, and new ones are going to begin. After tonight’s episode, there is only one more episode until the Seven Wonders must be performed. Let’s take a look at what happened on tonight’s all-new episode of American Horror Story: Coven.

Madame LaLaurie Shows Her True Colors

We flash back to 1830, back when Madame LaLaurie was in her prime. Of course, by prime I mean at her most evil. At one point, she attempts to force her daughter to cut the head off of a chicken. Her daughter tells her that she can’t do it and begs for her mother not to force her.

Madame LaLaurie begins to berate her for her inability to perform the task she put before her. How hard could it be to cut the head off of a chicken anyway?

However, when Madame LaLaurie goes to do it herself, she finds herself hesitating. Immediately, her daughter calls her out on her hesitation. She tells her mother that she had never even done the task herself; she always had the cook to do her dirty work for her.

The jab hurt her pride in a way that she could not deal with. With her hand forced, she swiftly cuts off the head herself. As the blood begins to flow from the deceased animal, she begins to let the blood flow on her hands. She liked it on some higher level.

Later the day, when one of her slaves injured himself as he was stacking boxes. She pretends that she is going to help him, but she truly has much more sinister plans. She ends up hitting him over the head, tying him up, and draining him of his blood. There is something about blood that touches Delphine inside.

This would be the start of many years of cruelty, torture, and all sorts of heinous acts for Madame Delphine LaLaurie.

We Say Goodbye to Nan

We see the women of the Coven at the cemetery. They are saying goodbye to Nan. Fiona has told everyone that she “fell in the tub.” Of course, we all know that is crap.

Keep in mind; they are all standing in the very same cemetery that Madison left Misty for dead in. Ironically enough, if it were not Nan that we were saying goodbye to, Nan would have heard Misty, and Madison would be up a creek. I guess she dodged a bullet on that one.

As the Coven attempts to say their goodbyes, we see Queenie and Delphine return. It turns out that Queenie found a way to put Madame LaLaurie back together again. Honestly, she looks as good as new.

She feels like Marie left her for dead. Marie tells her that she thought she was dead. When she reaches in to hug Queenie, Delphine spits in her face. In return, Marie slaps the taste out of her mouth.

Queenie has pretty much lost faith in both sides, and is looking out for herself now.

Fiona says that the funeral is over, and they can all say their goodbyes on their way out. Delphine says that she is not going anywhere with any of them. Unfortunately for her, the leash Queenie has around her neck says otherwise.

Cordelia feels like she should do something. She is starting to get the feeling that she hasn’t been properly protecting the Coven. Maybe she is right to some degree. We shall see how this progresses.

Madame LaLaurie Returns to Her Old Ways

Back at the house, James, the gardener, has managed to cut his hands with the shears. Delphine offers to help him with his wounds so that Cordelia can go rest. Somehow, I think James wishes that Cordelia never left.

When next we see poor James, he is bound by his hands, much like her slave from all those years ago. She has him held up in Spalding’s old room.

She begins to tell him the story of the little piggies. You remember that from when you were a child. This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home. Well, as she is reciting this to him, she is tapping his bare toes with her shears. When she reaches the final little piggy, James screams out in pain. That piggy definitely went wee, but for all the wrong reasons.

Needless to say, her bloodlust didn’t end there. By the time she was finished, his intestines were spilled out all over his lap. Put of nowhere, Spalding appears to her. She tells him that she thought he had run off. Spalding tells her that he has been there the entire time.

At first she seems a little concerned that he was going to tell everyone what she had done; however, when he referred to her work as art, she realizes that she is in the clear.

The Truth Rears Its Ugly Head

Down in the bathroom, the one that Nan met her end in, Zoe is trying to figure out just what happened to Nan. She uses her powers on the tub to recreate the scene. She soon realizes that it was Fiona and Marie who killed her, not a simple accident.

The question she cannot put her finger on is why would they want to kill Nan? What did she know?

While Zoe is still trying to figure everything out, Madison comes barging in. She makes some smart comment about a romantic bubble bath. Zoe tells her that Nan was murdered; however, in typical Madison fashion, she doesn’t seem to care. I mean, have you met her?

The Supreme Finds Her Happiness

It seems as if Fiona actually has found love. She is sprawled out in the room just listening as the Axeman plays for her. For the two of them, this is an almost sexual encounter.

The Axeman says that he has the solution to both of their problems. He proposes that the two of them run away together; he gives up the axe, and she gives up the coven. He tells her that he will help her solve her issues with the witch hunters; so long as she agrees to run away with him.

This ought to be interesting.

Cleaning Up the Mess

Delphine is now tasked with cleaning up the awful mess she made while “tending” to James. Just when you think that she has made a turn for the better, she goes and does something like this. I guess old habits really do die hard; especially when you’ve recently had a disembodied head.

While she is in the middle of talking to James’ lifeless body, Spalding reveals himself to her. She tells him that she thought he had run away. He explains to her that he was murdered in the very room in which they stood.

Suddenly, she panics, telling him that she can explain this mess. He tells that one doesn’t explain art, one only admires it.

As he helps her cut James down and clean up the dubious mess that she has made, he tells her that she is longing for release. She tells him that it is one that she cannot achieve, as she has been cursed. Spalding is well aware of what the “black devil” has done to her.

Spalding feeds her emotions by agreeing with every word she says. He tells her that everything will change if she dies. Confused as to why he cares, she questions Spalding’s motives. He tells her that he cares about the safety of the Coven, and the line of Salem. Spalding says that Fiona has become confused and reckless and has forgotten that Marie Laveau is her sworn enemy, and Marie Laveau must die.

Delphine reminds him of the painful fact that Marie cannot die, as she is immortal. He reminds her that she is only immortal by magic, and by magic she can be undone.

He tells her that even the Voodoo Queen can be rendered vulnerable. He says that he can provide her with the means, but she must do something for him first. He asks her to retrieve an item for him; one that will not be cheap. Then, he will provide her with what she needs to end the Voodoo Queen.

The Confrontation

Unfortunately, we all knew this was going to happen at some point. Queenie is in the process of cleaning her room, when she is approached by Cordelia.

Cordelia gives her the obligatory apology for everything she had to endure, and that she is glad that she is back. With no lack of attitude in her voice, Queenie asks why Cordelia gave her room away. Pointing out the obvious, Cordelia mentions that she is the one who left them and went across town to their sworn enemy, who Queenie points out is downstairs in their guest room right now.

Obviously, things change pretty quickly; especially in the world of witchcraft.

Cordelia asked Queenie how she survived the whole ordeal. Queenie tells her that she developed a few new powers; she even thinks that she may be the next Supreme, but hey…who doesn’t?

Cordelia tells her that her eyes are open now, and she is going to prove that to them. As far as Queenie can tell, not a whole lot has changed since she left. She mentions that one witch is dead and another is missing. Apparently, she is as weak as she ever was.

She suggests that Cordelia take a really long vacation and let someone else run the Academy for a while. Then, she matter-of-factly tells her to get out.

Well, that went well.

The Headmistress’ Sacrifice

Down in the greenhouse, we see a clearly emotionally unstable Cordelia inspecting one of her plants. Quietly, she is making a new mixture. For what, we do not know yet.

When she has completed her mixture, she dips her fingers in it and rubs it all around her newly-restored eyes. As the tears run down her face, she silently picks up the sheers that she used to trim her plants and holds them shakily in front of her face.

After just a few seconds of contemplation, she sinks the sheers deep into her right eye. As she screamed in pure agony, she did the same to her other eye. Screaming more agony than one could probably imagine, she has done the one thing she knew how to protect the Coven; restoring her second sight.

After Cordelia has begun to recover from her self-inflicted grievous injuries, Fiona comes running up the stairs in search of her daughter. Fiona asks Myrtle why she has done this. Myrtle explains that she has become something that Fiona will never understand; a hero. Myrtle explains to her that she has done what she has done in order to regain her second sight, and be able to defend the Coven.

Fiona tells her that she will take care of the witch hunters, and then the Coven will have no more enemies. Myrtle tells her that there is evil that lies between these walls, and there always has been. She tells Fiona that now all of her secrets will be brought to light.

Fiona tells her that she has no secrets. Ok…you can stop laughing now, seriously.

Myrtle tells her that if she has nothing to hide, then she can simply go in the room and comfort her daughter by putting motherly hands on her and watch how all of her secrets come out. Fiona must know that there is truth in what Myrtle says, as she tells her to go to hell.

Fiona saunters down the stairs. She tells Myrtle that she’ll be back. She says she needs a drink to steady her nerves.

The Solution to the Problem

Delphine has acquired what Spalding was looking for. Apparently, he desired a very rare doll from the 1890’s. Delphine had to pay what she calls a “King’s Ransom” for it.

Spalding takes the baby doll out of the box and begins to smell it, looking at it from all different angles. Delphine tells him that a grown man playing with baby dolls is rather unsavory.

She then demands he give her what he promised her before they realize that half of the silver in the house has gone missing.

He tells her that he has the potion that will allow her to render the Voodoo Queen mortal and end her life, this freeing her from her servitude.

He hands her a box of Benadryl. Yes, Benadryl. Does anyone smell setup here?

He tells her that a few capsules dissolved in her drink will give her the desired result.

The Getaway Plan

Myrtle is down in the greenhouse playing the same instrument that drove Cordelia mad. Zoe comes walking in suggesting that Myrtle asked to see her.

She tells her that she has something for her. When Zoe goes to look at it, Myrtle tells her not to look at it because she will be blinded by the sheer craftsmanship. It is what Myrtle claims to be her only possession of value. She tells Zoe that it is a Sapphire and Topaz Harvester Ant.

Myrtle tells Zoe that she wants her to hock it in case of emergency. Zoe seems a little confused. Myrtle tells her that she is leaving the Coven and taking Kyle with her. She tells Myrtle that she is in love with Kyle, but that she is not leaving.

Myrtle talks of the great love between her and Kyle. Myrtle tells her that if she stays here, her life is in grave danger. Zoe seems to think that she can handle Madison. Myrtle pleads for her to run away and never look back. Zoe tells Myrtle that she is committed to the Coven, and that she is not leaving. Myrtle tells her that she was committed to the Coven as well, and she burned at the stake for it.

Zoe asks Myrtle what would happen if she was the next Supreme. Myrtle tells her that this is all that more reason for her to run. She tells her that if Madison doesn’t end her, Fiona will.

Myrtle hands her a box with two tickets to Epcot in it, and tells her to go pack her bags. Finally giving in to Myrtle’s words of warning, she leans in and hugs Myrtle.

The (Final) Showdown

Harrison Renard and his army of witch hunters are pulling up to a building where they will presumably meet with the Coven. He tells his right hand man that they have to keep the dogs at bay, as the women must walk out untouched.

Fiona and Marie walk in together. Harrison is rather surprised that the two of them came by themselves. They laugh it off.

“Cher, I took down your entire company with about as much effort as it takes me to mix myself a Rob Roy, and Marie is immortal for Christ’s sake. You think we’re worried about guns?” Fiona says.

Clearly they don’t need any sort of protection.

Speaking of drinks, Fiona orders herself a dirty martini.

Harrison attempts to use the word “negotiation” when he is quickly cut off by Marie. She tells him that they are sitting there out of the kindness of their hearts, which is more consideration than Hank gave the people he gunned down. Harrison goes as far as to refer to the dead as “collateral damage.”

He says that they are willing to make Marie Laveau whole for any damages done to her shop, but they have only one request. They have to fully restore his company. Marie returns the sentiment of “collateral damage” back at Harrison.

Harrison says that this war is a thing of the past. He slams a document on the table. He tells them that the document is signed by every director in the room, and that it calls for a 100 year truce between the two sides; absolutely no witch hunting until all of them who can die are long gone.

While Harrison is speaking, no one notices that the door is locking on them.

Fiona gives him a counteroffer. She tells him that he is to disband his organization and never hunt another witch from now until the end of time. Fiona also tells him that she would like him to sign over his house in Barclay Square. Marie…she wants a private jet.

David tells them that they came here to negotiate, but this is madness. Fiona tells them maybe he is right. Maybe it is too much. She offers them another option. They can all die.

Suddenly, you find out that the bartender is actually The Axeman. One by one, he sinks his axe into everyone in the room. David attempts to escape, but the Axeman picks the gun up off of the table and shoots him in the chest. In the end, the only one still left is Harrison.

He is mixing his tea. He looks at Fiona and says. “Well played.”

Harrison tells her that killing them will not put an end to the war. Marie agrees, but says that it will be so much fun to watch.

Fiona asks Harrison if he has any last words, to which he finds it pertinent to spit at her.

“Go to hell, witch b*tch.” He says.

With that, the Axeman throws Fiona the axe, and with one mighty swing, the blood is pouring like a faucet out of Harrison’s neck.

The Axeman is proud of his woman’s work. You can tell from the huge smile on his face.

Sweet Success

Back at the Academy, Marie and Fiona drink to the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Fiona heads off early. She says that her man swung a mighty axe, and she has to go reward him. Fiona smiles and tells her not to wait up.

Marie has had quite a lot to drink. She sure makes a point of tossing every insult she possibly can at Delphine before heading upstairs to her room.

Delphine brings the tray up with her; Marie tells her to leave it and go. Delphine tells her that she will leave when she is finished. Marie, in her drunken stupor, tells Delphine that she will obey her as she smacks her on the behind.

I think at this point everyone is envisioning the classic scene from Misery. Delphine picks up the knife and rushes at Marie, plunging the knife into her chest. Marie screams in pain, and calls Delphine a stupid cow for thinking that she could kill her.

Delphine is rather confused, as she actually believed the things Spalding told her about the Benadryl. Delphine tells her that the magic may take some time to work, but her fate is sealed. With that, she throws the remaining pills at Marie.

Annoyed, now more than ever, Marie tells Delphine that they are not magic; they are just anti-histamines. She tells Delphine that the only thing she is allergic to is her. Delphine, knowing that she has been beaten, runs out of the room. The much intoxicated Marie pursues her. Just when you think that Marie is going to catch Delphine, Spalding strikes her on the head with a doll. Marie falls over limp on the stairs.

Delphine asks him if she was dead. Of course not; he tells her that she cannot die. Before Delphine could say anything, Spalding said that he just wanted her out of his hair, and that she would be the most likely to cooperate.

Now, Delphine is tasked with what to do now; a question in which she poses to Spalding. He suggests that she bury her. Delphine makes the obvious and most logical response that she would just dig herself out. He tells Delphine to make sure that she cannot.

The Living Doll

It looks like Spalding is back to his old tricks again. We see him upstairs tying his bonnet on just right. He is already in his sleeping gown and ready for bed.

In front of him lies the baby that Marie stole from the hospital. He picks the baby up and coddles them. He looks into the baby’s eyes and tells them that they are a living doll all his own.

I can’t lie; Spalding is just a few fries short of a Happy Meal if you ask me.

The Great Escape

Upstairs, Zoe is packing her bags. Kyle is standing next to the bed. She tells him that he needs to finish packing so they can leave.

He tells her that he is not going. He tells her that he is afraid of what he will do. He is scared that he will hurt her or someone else. Kyle says that he has these feelings inside that he cannot control. Zoe tells him that she is not afraid of him. She tells him to put his shoes on, and they are leaving. He tells her that he loves her, but it is not her decision.

After a tense exchange between the two, Kyle changes his mind. We see the two of them racing down the bus terminal, hoping that they make it on time. When the two of them finally reach the bus, they are all smiles.

The driver takes their tickets, they board the bus, and everything is set. Or is it?

Somehow I don’t think this is the way that this is going to end. There is a very strong possibility that Zoe is the next Supreme. Furthermore, as she told Myrtle, she is dedicated to the Coven. To tell you the truth, I don’t know that they are even going to make it out of the bus terminal let alone New Orleans.

The backstabbing has most definitely shifted into high gear. There is only one more episode left before the epic season finale of American Horror Story: Coven. One of the witches will have to successfully perform the Seven Wonders and become destined to be the next Supreme. This begs the question, what happens to Fiona?

Will Fiona put a stop to it before her reign comes to an end, or will Fiona end up in her grave once and for all? I guess we will just have to watch and find out.

In the meantime, here is a look at next week’s all-new episode of American Horror Story: Coven.


Make sure to check back with us as we take a look at the next all-new episode of American Horror Story: Coven entitled “Go to Hell.”

American Horror Story: Coven airs on Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

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