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Liverpool fan takes picture of Aston Villa player after he flips over wall (Video)

Aston Villa is at Anfield and beating the home Liverpool squad two goals to nil late in the first half. They’ve quieted the crowd and stressed out the faithful. There was one interesting and unusual moment in the game though.

Aston Villa player Gabby Agbonlahor running past the touchline and out-of-bounds runs into the advertisement wall. It causes him to flip over the wall and the Liverpool fans just sit there content to watch and unwilling to help prevent him from falling and potentially injuring himself.

As if that weren’t enough, one of the fans decided to add a little insult to injury. With the player lying behind the wall on the ground at his feet, the fan laughs and then reaches into his jacket to grab his camera. He pulls it out and snaps a quick photo of the player lying at his feet.

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