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Liverpool manager Brendan Rogers thinks Steven Gerrard's future is as a holding MF

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers put captain and midfielder Steven Gerrard at the holding position for the Stoke City match. That means Gerrard is the deepest midfielder just in front of the line of defenders acting as a quarterback of sorts, and Rodgers think that is where his future lies as he approaches his mid-30s.

“It’s something Steven and I have spoken about for a while,” Rodgers told the Liverpool Echo. “I thought he did very well in that role at Stoke. The mix of his game was excellent.

“It’s a special type of player who can play that position. Lucas Leiva has played there outstandingly well for us, Joe Allen has played it well and I think Steven Gerrard can play it because of his personality.”

Rogers went as far as to say a bit of reprogramming was required for Gerrard to transition to that role

“Steven’s movement patterns in games for most of his career have been in the other half of the field,” Rodgers said. “Now you are reprogramming him for his movement patterns in this half of the field. Once we continue to do more work on it on the training field he’ll get that total picture of where he’s at.

“Steven is still one of the best dead-ball specialists in world football and we are the highest goalscorers in the Premier League from set-pieces this season.”

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