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NBA fans and players love the new sleeved jerseys, says adidas

If you ask around any circle of NBA fans in your local bar or around the water cooler, the reaction to the new adidas sleeved jerseys has no teen positive. Fans have taken to social media to complain about the new look that debuted last year and has been slowing integrating it’s way into more and more locker rooms.

The culmination of the disgust came with the unveiling of the hideous All-Star jerseys, but if you ask adidas what fans think of the sleeved jerseys, they apparently polled the only six people that actually like them and combined that with the impressive sales statistics.

“Terrific,” Grancio told “[Sales have] exceeded expectations. We’re very pleased with the results so far, and in our view, based on the way in aggregate players and consumers have reacted to it, it’s been very positive.”

The numbers apparently don’t lie, but the fan reaction has been far from positive. It’s not as though everyone hates the new jerseys, but adidas might be skewering the polling data a bit to favor their gamble on the sleeved jersey look. If they sell in stores and pro shops around the country though, there’s really no arguing with that.

As for the jerseys being eye sores, that’s an entirely different discussion.

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