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Paramount Pictures will no longer release major movies on film

In what is considered to be a historic move, Paramount Pictures who has delivered movies on 35-millimeter for over a century has become the first studio to stop releasing its major movies on film.

Of course, this isn’t exactly big news for the consumer as they’re unlikely to notice a change though it’s pretty big for theaters and the few remaining film producing companies around the United States.

Per the Los Angeles Times:

Paramount recently notified theater owners that its Will Ferrell comedy “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues,” which opened in December, was the last movie released on 35-mm film, these people said. Previously, only small movies such as documentaries were released solely in digital format.

The Times believes Paramount’s decision, a massive conglomerate in the movie industry, will eventually force fellow rival companies to make the same move.

The move is currently only US based for Paramount though as they still plan to ship movies in 35-millimeter film to other countries who have yet to adopt digital technology.

Only 8 percent of theaters in the United States lack the ability to play digital movies.

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