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The World Series of Fighting is back with it’s 8th event. The event is being held at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The card features two title fights and numerous exciting match ups throughout. In the main event of the evening, Justin Gaethje takes on Richard Patishnock for the inaugural WSOF Lightweight title.

Patishnock, who stepped up on short notice from the preliminary card to fight in the main event of the evening, is the third scheduled opponent for Gaethje. The fight was originally going to be a rematch between Gaethje and JZ Cavalcante. JZ was forced to pull out of the fight due to injury and was replaced by Lewis Gonzales. Unfortunately, Gonzales was forced to pull out of the fight as well, leading Patishnock to be promoted to the main event title fight.

The WSOF will kick off their Women’s Strawweight division tonight when #1 ranked Strawweight, Jessica Aguilar, takes on Alida Gray for the inaugural WSOF Strawweight title. Both women are debuting for the promotion and will look to steal the show as the women often do.

Check out the full results for World Series of Fighting 8 below:

Justin Gaethje vs. Richard Patishnock (WSOF Lightweight championship bout)
Both men come out swinging in a wild start to the fight. Both men are staggered, but keep attacking. Gaethje nailing Patishnock on the cage with elbows and uppercuts and the ref stops it. Seems like it was a bit early, but Gaethje was swarming and Patishnock was clearly hurt. Gaethje is the first ever WSOF Lightweight champion. Will he see Nick Newell in the future?
Official Decision: Justin Gaethje defeats Richard Patishnock by TKO Round 1 (1:09)

Anthony Johnson vs. Mike Kyle
Johnson looking for the head kick early. Powerful leg kicks from Johnson, and Kyle looks for the takedown. Kyle presses Jonson up on the fence, but does nothing with it. Anthony Johnson with a huge overhand right that crumbles Mike Kyle and puts him to sleep. Incredible KO from Anthony Johnson. That will be on the highlight reel for some time to come. With that win Anthony Johnson will get a shot at the WSOF Light Heavyweight belt.
Official Decision: Anthony Johnson defeats Mike Kyle by KO (2:03)

Jessica Aguilar vs. Alida Gray (WSOF Women’s Strawweight championship bout)
Aguilar looking for the early takedown and gets it. Alida quickly back to her feet, but Aguilar has her pressed up on the fence. Some elbows on the fence from Alida, but she is taken down again. Elbows from Aguilar and she locks in the arm triangle. She hops over into side control to sink the choke in deeper and that it is. Gray taps, and Aguilar is the first WSOF Strawweight champion. Great performance from Aguilar.
Official Decision: Jessica Aguilar defeats Alida Gray by Arm Triangle Round 1 (2:45)

Cody Bollinger vs. Tyson Nam
Bollinger starting off light on his feet. Knees in the clinch from Bollinger. All Bollinger to start the round. Nam has mounted very little offense thus far. Out of nowhere Nam hurts Bollinger with an overhand right and almost gets the finish on the mat. Bollinger back to his feet and they trade to finish the round. Round two starts with a Bollinger head kick. Nam is starting to open it up on the feet and is landing some solid kicks. Bollinger attempts a capoeira kick, but it doesn’t land. Bollinger slips, but gets back to his feet and throws a flying knee. Nam with a nice overhand right that gets Bollinger’s attention. Nam stuffs a takedown and lands a left. Head kick from Bollinger and he slips. Round ends with some strong strikes from Nam. The third round began with a solid exchange from both men. Bollinger throwing his strikes with heat, but Nam’s defense is solid. Strong leg kicks from Nam. This fight is very close. Neither man has an advantage on the feet this round, but Bollinger definitely has a higher output. Nam is stalking Bollinger as he circles away from the cage. A lot of feinting and moving without much striking. Flying head kick for Bollinger ends the fight. Very closely contested matchup, but neither man showed any urgency at all.
Official Decision: Cody Bollinger defeats Tyson Nam by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Luis Palomino vs. Jorge Patino
Palomino nailed Patino with a right early on. Palomino slipped and lands on his back with Patino on top. Patino not mounting much offense from on top. Referee Troy Waugh stands them up. Spinning hook kick lands from Palomino and a hard overhand right. They are swinging, but Palomino has Patino hurt badly. Palomino is turned around on the fence and the round ends. Round two begins with a feeling out process as neither man attacks. Hard 1-2 from Plomino hurts him. Patino has no offense right now. Spinning hook kick lands again for Palomino. Palomino is landing and hurting Patino, but Patino’s chin is holding thus far. Palomino pounces on Patino with a beautiful combination starting with a flying kick and right hand. Palomino pours on the ground and pound and knocks out Patino on the mat. Very impressive performance from Palomino.
Official Decision: Luis Palomino defeats Jorge Patino by KO Round 2 (4:20)

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