The Bella Twins

The Bella Twins have been pushing WWE to bring in Divas Tag Team Titles

Triple H has said that 2014 will be a huge year for the WWE. Possibly the biggest year in the history of the company. Which isn’t that promising, considering the big change in recent years happened in December of 2013 when the company unified both major titles.

Now the Divas division hasn’t been that strong over the last year or two and got a little weaker now that Kaitlyn is no longer with the company. But according to, the Bella Twins have been pushing the company to introduce WWE Divas Tag Team Titles.

Why in the world would they want the company to do that? Oh, I know why, because The Bella Twins are considered to be a tag team. It would open up some more room for the creative team to work with when it comes to this division that’s already hurting.

I believe Total Nonstop Action has some women’s tag team championships already. The company could eventually go that route but will have to see what the creative team could come up with before they spend the money on championship belts to be made.

They’re already considering unifying the United States and Intercontinental Championships at WWE Elimination Chamber. But you never know, maybe it’s something that will debut later on in the year.

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