Saturday Night Live: Drake apologizes for YOLO, raps about being half-black and half-Jewish (Video)

Last night, Canadian rapper Drake stopped by Rockefeller Center to host Saturday Night Live, and things went much better than expected. Not only did he turn in a pretty good job as host, but he showed that he may be worthy of a return trip somewhere down the road.

Part of what made Drake’s night as host so enjoyable, especially to people who tend to dislike him, was his raw enthusiasm during sketches. Drake sidelined any macho rap attitude some may have expected him to have and dove head first into his hosting duties with a giant smile and a goofy attitude.

Right off the bat we got an indicator that the night wouldn’t be as bad as we thought when Drake’s opening monologue featured an apology for popularizing the phrase ‘YOLO’, followed by a bizarre Bar Mitzvah sketch. The sketch featured Drake rapping about being half-black and half-Jewish and the result was hilarious.

Drake bounces back and forth between things that make him black and things that make him Jewish. These things included being able to ‘ball like LeBron’ while still knowing what a W2 is and celebrating Hanukkah while also dating Rihannakah.

This night wasn’t perfect, but Drake certainly turned in a few gems on Saturday Night Live.

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