Saturday Night Live: Drake plays Lil’ Wayne dressed up as Steve Urkel (GIF)

Tonight marked the night that Canadian rapper Drake took over Saturday Night Live and so far he’s been more impressive than many people expected. Part of his great night is owed to his spot on impressions he’s brought to the table, and that included a great impression of his collaborator and friend Lil’ Wayne.

In a sketch that reimagined classic television series with modern rappers cast in the main roles, Drake dressed up as Lil’ Wayne, who was portraying Steve Urkel from sitcom Family Matters.


The sketch overall was pretty funny, but Drake’s impression of Lil’ Wanye was one of the highlights. He only said one line, but his deliver and his mannerisms were spot on. This and other impressions that Drake has been able to pull off have proved some viewers wrong who expected him to bomb.

The night hasn’t been perfect, but it’s had highlights for sure and Drake’s Lil’ Wayne impression is among them.

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