Aug 2, 2012; London, United Kingdom; Russian president Vladimir Putin during the men's 100-kg judo final. Mandatory Photo Credit: Andrew Webber, USA Today Sports

Sochi 2014: Vladimir Putin denies corruption allegations

In response to the allegations made by International Ski Federation head Gian-Franco Kasper last week, Vladimir Putin addressed the rumors that large portions of Russia’s budget for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi were embezzled.

According to Kasper, building contracts were given to businessmen part of a so-called “construction mafia.” In his accusations the other week, Kasper said that as much as $18 billion of the Sochi development budget may have been embezzled by the group.

Putin denied any such mismanagement of funds had taken place:

We don’t see any large-scale instances of corruption during our preparations…in Sochi.


If anyone has any information about corruption in Sochi, please hand it over, we will be glad and grateful.


A few years ago local bureaucrats tried to buy and sell land intended for Olympic venues.


Investigations were carried out, these people were tried by Russian courts and are serving their punishments (Inside the Games).

Those looking to learn more about the problematic nature of the construction in and around Sochi should check out The Sochi Project.

The Olympics begin on February 7.

[Source: Inside the Games]

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