WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross

WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross will not attend WrestleMania Axxess

If you grew up watching the WWE or World Wrestling Federation when you were younger, then you are familiar with Good Ole’ J.R. Jim Ross is hands down one of the best if not the best professional wrestling color commentators in the history of the sport.

Yes, professional wrestling is a sport, like it or not. Now it’s been a while since Jim Ross has worked full time with the WWE and I highly doubt he comes back for full duty. He may return part time, making a couple appearances here and there but he won’t stick around for long.

Now WrestleMania weekend is one of the busiest weekends for the WWE each year. The company has a bunch of press related things to deal with, WrestleMania Axxess, their reading challenge and the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Axxess is probably one of the more popular events during that weekend besides the event itself.

It gives the fans the opportunity to meet, greet and interact with some of their favorite WWE Superstars. They have a whole bunch of activities and memorabilia on hand for fans to see. The event usually brings out Superstars from the past but won’t have Jim Ross there this year.

Jim Ross was asked on Twitter if he would be attending this years WrestleMania Axxess in New Orleans. Ross mentioned how he wouldn’t be at Axxess because of something else he has planned. But he will still be in New Orleans while the WWE is doing their own thing. So find out where he will be and I’m sure he won’t have a problem meeting you.

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