Daniel Bryan and The Wyatt Family from WWE Old School.

WWE may have scrapped Bryan/Wyatt Family due to popularity with athletes

There have been a handful of Superstars who are able to bring the crowd onto their feet whenever they’re performing inside the squared circle. You have guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, CM Punk, John Cena and now Daniel Bryan who have been receiving a lot of positive attention.

Whenever Austin was in the ring, fans would shout ‘What?’ as loud as they possibly could when he had the microphone in his hand. Fans would shout along with The Rock during his promo’s, fans would join in with the ‘It’s Clobberin’ Time!!’ with CM Punk. Now fans are chanting ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ during sporting events across the globe.

Former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan has been one of the more popular Superstars over the last year. Punk’s popularity somewhat slowed down after he turned heel, but even when these two men are trying to play the evil role, the crowd is still behind them.

Maybe because they’re the definition of a real professional wrestler? I’m not quite sure. I’m actually a fan of both men, huge fan actually. I was pretty excited when Daniel Bryan was placed with The Wyatt Family. It’s something that most people could see coming from a mile away.

But it didn’t last as long as most would hope. And I’m pretty sure the reason why the WWE scrapped the storyline was because of how popular Daniel Bryan actually is. Crowds during college basketball games have been chanting ‘Yes!’ and it’s stuff like this that gets the attention of the higher ups of the company.

Especially when it comes to other professional athletes. The guy is loved.

I’m sure they didn’t want Daniel Bryan’s positive attention to go away because of how strong it has been over the last year. To be honest it’s only getting stronger. So I’m sure this is the reason why the WWE decided to turn Daniel Bryan back last Monday night.

WWE is listening to you Sports World. You guys know what’s best for business.

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