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Batkid Miles Scott after saving Gotham City on his big Wish day. Photo Credit: SF Make-A-Wish

Batkid Saves Gotham City (Video)

It was back in November that San Francisco turned itself into Gotham City for a day. On that day, a very special five year old by the name of Miles Scott suited up and took to the streets of Gotham to hunt down some of Batman’s most notorious villains and save the good people of the city.

His day started out chasing down The Riddler, who had broken into a local bank vault. Batkid, and his mentor Batman took to the streets and hunted evil down. First, they thwarted the Riddler’s attempted robbery of a bank vault. With a flick of Batkid’s wrist, The Riddler was locked in the vault until police could come and collect him.

After lunch, it was off to AT&T Park to rescue Lou Seal from the grasp of The Riddler.

After a hard day’s work, Miles was taken to the center of the city, where the Mayor presented him with the key to the city, and all of his hard work was rewarded.

Miles even caught the eye of actor Ben Affleck, who is set to don the cape himself in the upcoming film tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman.

Things like this continue to amaze me. There were thousands of people involved in the granting of little Miles’ big wish day. People, who out of the kindness of their hearts dropped everything to come cheer on Miles and make him feel like a hero.

Miles, who was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was just 18 months old, has been battling this crippling disease his entire life. This by itself makes him a hero in my book, but for one day, thanks to the people at Make-A-Wish, Miles got to put on the cape, and play the hero that everyone knew he already was.

Here is a look at Miles’ special day courtesy of the people at San Francisco Make-A-Wish.

For more information on the work done by Make-A-Wish, you can visit their official website.

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