What can we expect from the new Mass Effect upon release?


When a new gaming IP gets off to a good start with the first game in the series and has an even better sequel, there are expectations the final game ending the series will be just a good as the previous. It’s a shame Mass Effect 3 wasn’t able to continue that success from the other games.

This was a shock considering that prior games in the series were terrific in respect to the story and actual gameplay. It just seemed like BioWare dropped the ball and biggest criticism from gamers had to do with the ending of the game itself.

There were plenty of people upset how the gamed ended, and this led to BioWare releasing DLC that gave players more options on how they think the story of Shephard should end. The game was received well by the media, but the ending was a blemish on a stellar gaming trilogy.

The new Mass Effect game hopes to restore some faith in fans of the series. One of things that’s known about the game is that it won’t relate to Shepard or events of the previous three games.

Since the series has a good history of telling a great story, it would be nice to know more about other characters in the Mass Effect universe. Some characters that deserve their own story are Garrus, Wrex and Saren.

Another thing that could be done is that the fourth entrant in the series could allow players to experience the consequences of their actions from Mass Effect 3. This is something BioWare is famous for doing in many of their games.

Lastly go back to the roots of prior games in the series with role-playing game elements would be great. Mass Effect 3 felt more like an action-shooter than a role-playing game in the traditional sense.

The current landscape of games dictates it will look more like a first-person shooter, but I’d prefer the stealth of Deus Ex: Human Revolution mixed with the action from Assassin’s Creed.

You can sound off in the comments below about what you would like to see in the Mass Effect game.





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