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Dana White: I don’t want to see boxing die

Dana White may be the president of the UFC, but that does not mean he forgets where he came from. White, a former Boxing promoter and manager, recently started a new mission to revive the sport he still loves. White has teamed up with producer Craig Piligian to create a reality show called ‘The Fighters’.

The show is an eight-part boxing series that will premiere Thursday on the Discovery Channel at 9 PM ET. The show is in similar vein to The Ultimate Fighter, as it will feature a tournament to crown an eventual winner. The show will put more emphasis on each boxer’s character that TUF does for it’s fighters supposedly.

Dana White has said that without boxing he could have never made it to the pinnacle of MMA. Now he wants to give back, and hopes to revive boxing with this reality series. While many believe that White would want nothing more than to see the sport of boxing fade away, they could not be more wrong. Dana White wants boxing to thrive like it once did, and work alongside the sport of MMA. In Dana’s mind, the two combat sports can be successful at the same time, and ‘The Fighters’ is the first step in that journey.

Check out the trailer of ‘The Fighters’ below, and don’t forget to watch it this Thursday night on the Discovery Channel.

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  • Bradley WabiMukwa

    Boxing is a world sport currently with 16 thousand licensed active pro boxers. 20 thousand pro boxing matches take place each and every year. Obviously people are making money in Boxing. 46 million dollars at the top for a single fight. At 2012 Olympics, 79 countries sent teams to London.

    In contrast, MMA orgs form, make some noise, and then go under before too long; the UFC is the only org that survives, and the UFC puts on only about 220 pro bouts per year. Boxing puts on 220 bouts every weekend all year long. 20 thousand bouts per year compared with 215 bouts per year says everything you need to know regarding the respective sizes of these combat-sports.

    Every time Wladimir Klitschko defends his Heavyweight Title in Germany, he sells out a 60 thousand capacity German stadium, for $#!t’s sake! He set tv records for most watched broadcast of any kind in the history of that country. In the USA, Boxing isn’t as big as it once, but Yanks always think the USA is the whole world, but the USA is just 1
    country, and there’s about 195 other countries around the world, and Boxing is huge in many of them. UFC’s attempted to make inroads into other countries, but with very limited success. Worldwide, MMA remains miniscule, but massive in that one country: the USA.

    many young fellas happily swallow dana white’s shovelfuls of bull$#!t
    when he’s promoting his product at the expense of another sport which doesn’t even share the same fanbase. They don’t even look at the cold hard facts. If anything, Dana White ought to be more concerned with the survival of the UFC than with Boxing’s survival which has got along fine for centuries before him. He’s a non-entity in the game, and never will be. He failed at Boxing and at being a Boxing promoter years before getting into MMA instead. UFC can’t survive in it’s present form. It’s not
    sustainable under it’s current system. Those MMA fighters’ are
    completely ripped off financially, and their only recourse under the
    current system is to get organized and form an MMA Fighters Union.
    Right now, they get totally violated in the @$$ under the UFC’s present
    business model which is a carbon copy of Vince McMahon’s WWE pro
    wrestling. The UFC fights are real of course, but the business model is
    WWE all the way, baby, complete with non-compete clauses. The much,
    much larger payouts to top boxers is because there’s competition between
    promoters to sign a fighter whereas in MMA, the UFC is really the only
    game in town, a monopoly, and the only org that survives.

    “I’ll give you a free look into the future, people will keep saying that Boxing is going to die until one day you die and Boxing lives on.” Mr.pain.