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Former EPL referee says Luis Suarez didn't dive

During Liverpool’s match against Aston Villa they found themselves trailing in the game. Down a goal in the second half, striker Luis Suarez got behind the defense and was coming in at goal. Villa keeper Brad Guzan came out of his box and slid towards Suarez’s feet and the ball. Suarez looked like he might have been barely touched and went down easy.

That resulted in a penalty kick and the game-tying goal from Steven Gerrard. Some accused Suarez of diving but former referee Dermot Gallagher says it was the right call, and not a dive.

“I think if the goalkeeper goes to the ground like he did he has to get the ball but he does not – and instead collides with Suarez it is a penalty,” Gallagher said.

“It is not a dive, 100% not a dive. But he has gone to the ground to win the ball; there is no doubt about that.”

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