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Inside The NBA staffer walks through Chris Webber's highlight shot (GIF)

TNT’s Inside the NBA must have hired a new staffer because he made a rookie mistake. He walked onto the set while analyst Chris Webber was going through some highlights.

The segment has Webber standing in front of a large screen with highlights playing on it. To get everything in the shot the camera is far away and zoomed out. One Staffer on the show apparently was unaware that the segment was ongoing or that the camera was zoomed so far out cause he walked out onto the set and onto live television.

Webber doesn’t even seem to notice that he has interrupted, or if he does he just ignores it and keeps on going. The sad part is that even though the one guy walks really far out onto the set he isn’t the only one to make the mistake. If you look at the bottom right a balding man’s head appears. He gets out of the shot quickly and didn’t walk all the way out there though.

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