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Sochi Olympics 2014: Urgent search for 'Black Widow' suicide bomber underway, may already be there

According to a report by ABC news, police in Sochi have begun an urgent search for a possible female suicide bomber. The suspect might have already made it past security measures in Sochi.

From Yahoo:

Hotel employees in Sochi told ABC News that posters with pictures and descriptions of a 22-year-old woman from nearby Dagestan were distributed over the weekend by authorities and a similar flyer was also seen posted at Sochi’s airport.

The woman is identified as Ruzanna Ibragimova, using the nickname Salima, the widow of a militant reportedly killed in a shoot-out with police last year in Dagestan.

She is described as being affiliated with the Caucasus Emirate, the terror group led by Doku Umarov that has threatened attacks against the Winter Games in Sochi.

Christopher Swift, a Georgetown University professor who has studied militant groups in the North Caucasus, weighed in on the threat it poses and thinks there is a chance she could be working with someone else.

“The fact that one individual either was able to stay in the area before the ring of steel went up or get through it really raises questions about the strength of the Russia security apparatus,” said Swift. “The specific worry is that she’s a woman and because of that it’s easier for women to infiltrate indoor or outdoor venues, that she could be a bomb carrier.”

“Usually, in the past, when we’ve seen female suicide bombings, there’s either been two women who are both bombers,” said Swift.

Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to have strict security at the games but this development contradicts those reports.

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