Apple's 'iOS in the Car' system screenshots pop up on Twitter

Many people have begun using their iPhones instead of GPS devices anymore. It limits the need for multiple devices and it just makes things so seamless, it only made sense that Apple was working on integrating the two when they announced iOS in the Car last year. Since then there hasn’t been much talk about it, until today.

Mashable spotted some tweets from one developer that appear to be from the device.

From Mashable:

Posted by Dublin, Ireland-based Steven Troughton-Smith, the screenshots show off several images of the iOS in the Car version of Apple Maps, most likely displayed via the iOS Simulator toolkit that developers use to test apps.

It is an interesting sneak peek at what might be ahead.

Apple’s official web page still says “coming soon” but this is how they describe it:

iOS in the Car seamlessly integrates your iOS device — and the iOS experience — with your in-dash system. If your vehicle is equipped with iOS in the Car, you can connect your iPhone 5 or later and interact with it using the car’s built-in display and controls or Siri Eyes Free. Now you can easily and safely make phone calls, access your music, send and receive messages, get directions, and more. It’s all designed to let iPhone focus on what you need, so you can focus on the road.

Check out the screenshots below:





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