Blue Hurricane Four Loko to release in Spring

If you remember the Four Loko’s from your college days, then you will be happy to learn that the company is coming out with a new flavor for the Spring of 2014. Phusion Projects, LLC announced that they will be releasing the newest flavor — Blue Hurricane — which is “a tasty cyclone of tropical flavors.”

“It’s the perfect time to roll out this particular flavor of Four Loko as Blue Hurricane has a tropical flavor that makes you feel like you’re on vacation,” said Jim Sloan, president of Phusion Projects, in a press release. “Phusion Projects continues to showcase our ability to create new flavors that consumers love.”

The new flavor will be available in 12 percent ABV in 23.5 oz. cans. It is set to replace the Coco Loko flavor.

Four Loko rides itself on being “one of the most popular progressive adult beverages” as they continue bringing cocktail flavors to the beer industry.

It will be interesting to see how well the new flavor is received.

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