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Brad Guzan says Luis Suarez penalty was soft

One of the most controversial moments in Liverpool’s draw against Aston Villa was the penalty awarded to striker Luis Suarez when he went down after Brad Guzan went to challenge him. Steven Gerrard took the penalty kick to tie the game and it has been the center point of some discussion since. Guzan not so surprisingly, believes it wasn’t a penalty.

“I don’t know if it’s fair to say it’s a dive or it’s not a dive, but, you know, do I think it’s a soft decision? Yes,” Guzan said, via ESPN FC.  “Obviously he’s a clever player and he’s taken it [the ball] away, but then the question becomes ‘Could he do more to stay up?’ — you can start asking all sorts of different questions.

“That’s football. Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, you know, that’s the game and you have to get on with it.”

Former referee Dermot Gallagher says it was the right call, and not a dive.

“I think if the goalkeeper goes to the ground like he did he has to get the ball but he does not – and instead collides with Suarez it is a penalty,” Gallagher said.

“It is not a dive, 100% not a dive. But he has gone to the ground to win the ball; there is no doubt about that.”

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