Entourage director loses pictures of girls in bikinis when he drops his camera in ocean

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From Instagram @shaynateresetaylor

From Instagram @shaynateresetaylor

The Entourage movie is filming and it will include a lot of girls in bikinis. Director Doug Ellin was wisely taking a lot of behind the scenes footage and pictures during these scenes on a yacht in Miami over the holiday weekend.

Then things went horribly wrong.

From TMZ:

“Entourage” director Doug Ellin had a brush with disaster on a yacht this weekend in Miami — accidentally dropping his expensive camera into the ocean … after shooting a wild bikini scene for the movie … but thankfully, the damage was minimal.

Sources on the set tell TMZ, Ellin was stepping off the yacht onto a smaller boat when he accidentally dropped his personal camera into the water. He offered to pay divers $1,000 to find it, but it was impossible.

Luckily, the camera didn’t contain any official film footage … but it did have more than 500 behind-the-scene photos of all the girls in bikinis. Arguably a bigger loss.

If you’re curious the girls in the photo above post some pictures of themselves in bikinis from the set on their Instagrams.

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