Galaxy S5 home screen layout leaked (Photo)


The first half of this year is supposed to bring the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, and already users are buzzing about how the phone will change things up. A new image of what appears to be the layout for the Galaxy S5 home screen has been leaked by @evleaks, an account with a nice track record of getting leaks right or almost right.

Should the new play out be legit, it appears that Samsung is talking a page out of the Windows book and is crafting their home screen in similar fashion. The basic layout shows cards that display everything from standard things the time and weather to more sophisticated windows for package updates, flight delays and online orders.

Credit: @evleaks

Credit: @evleaks

The same Twitter account leaked photos not too long ago of a similar layout for the Galaxy S5 which showed fewer rows and a section for apps.


We won’t know until closer to the phone’s release what the actual layout of the home screen will be, but if this ends up being the final product, it’s hard to be mad at the ease in which Samsung has layer out everything you need a phone for.

The Galaxy S5 is expected to be released this spring.

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